The One with the Bigger Crane

Monday, November 12, 2012 by Jason

On November 1st, something very exciting happened on campus, they removed the tower crane from the middle of the Teaching and Learning Building construction site. Now, this is exciting to me for 2 reasons:

  1. It brings us one step closer to the completion of the TLB, which means we, and by we I mean the Office of Admission, are on schedule to move into our new digs in Summer 2013.
  2. How exactly do you remove a crane from the center of a semi-constructed building? That’s right, a BIGGER crane!

This was quite a sight! We had a great view of all the action right from our courtyard in Kingston Hall, but the best view was from the upper floors of the Sprague Memorial Building. Crowds formed everywhere though, from Boothe Plaza to the lawn in front of the Platt Campus Center and even the patio area of the Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons. People couldn’t help but stop and look up at the wonder of a bigger crane taking apart a smaller one. If you don’t think this is cool, something is not right in the world, seriously…

Let me show you some selected pictures from that day -

On the left is the tower crane, which was used to construct the sub and super structure of the TLB, including the installation of the BubbleDeck system. On the right is the bigger hydraulic crane, which had one purpose, take apart the smaller crane! You see those guys on the left-hand side of the tower crane, they are up there to facilitate the dismantling process.
Here is the removed front arm of the tower crane being lowered down to the ground. I came back from lunch just in time to see this happen. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the back arm being lowered down. The next time I came out, they were already working on the tower.
Here they are getting ready to remove the cat-head. Yes, sending a person to the very top is the only way to dismantle the crane and thread the hoisting wire rope. I do not envy the man that was up there that day.
Here is the cat-head hooked and ready to be lowered down. This is the last thing they took down on November 1st. The rest of the tower came down rather quickly the following day. And on November 5th (I was in San Diego then), they rolled the bigger hydraulic crane out of the construction site.