E4 Hammered: Part 2

Saturday, December 1, 2012 by Travis

Hey everyone,

Earlier this week, I used the example of the E4 hammer as a source of stress and talked about how Mudders deal with stress. Now, on this somewhat gloomy Saturday, I’d like to announce that I successfully finished and turned in my hammer yesterday before the due date! It was a huge weight off my shoulders, and although I have much left to complete before the end of the year, I’m proud of what I accomplished. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the complete project before I turned it in, but here is a picture of one my best friend’s completed hammers in all its glory so you all can see what the finished product looks like:

Demetri’s near-perfect E4 Hammer. I guess the Greeks really are the best at this!

Anyways, with this blog post, I’d like to talk about some of the things Mudders do in victory of their accomplishments, both small and large, whether it be the end of the semester or the finishing of a single homework assignment. While there is definitely some crossover between the things we do to relieve stress and things we do to celebrate, they are still all things that Mudders do to have fun!

The first I’d like to talk about is pranking! Here at Mudd, we have a history filled with grand pranks, ranging from those organized by dozens of Mudders to take on a different school entirely (cough I’m looking at you, CalTech cough) to those that involve a single group of friends having fun by messing with another. Anyways, it is definitely something that Mudders often do to celebrate a recent achievement at the expense of the victim (expense meaning a good laugh)! We also have a tradition that all pranks must be reversible in 24 hours and that you must leave your phone number and name behind so the victim can contact you to come help clean up! These rules were enabled after a prank that involved rusting a statue on campus that the artist claimed was “un-rustable” as well as another incident where a T-Rex was painted eating hills that looked like tacos on a mural in Platt Campus Center. Anyways, here is a recent example of a prank in which we put my friend’s belongings into the school gym since he practically lives there.

We thought that Sam would be more at home if we just moved his stuff to the gym.

Possibly the most infamous of Mudd pranks was when some Mudders stole the CalTech cannon! Their President was not too thrilled about it, but to this day it remains one of the most memorable of Mudd pranks.

The next thing that Mudders do to celebrate is throw parties! Mudd is host to a number of parties throughout each semester, including those that involve students from all five of the undergraduate Claremont Colleges. My all-time favorite five college party is called Slippery When Wet, which is where Case Dorm fills their entire sunken courtyard with fluorescent-dyed water and black lights are used to make it glow like crazy. Furthermore, there is an endless supply of pizza and a great DJ which makes for an awesome night of dancing and splashing literally everyone you know.

After parties, there are DOS events. DOS stands for the Dean of Students Office, and they have a team of fun-loving Mudders known as the DOS Muchachos who throw tons of events throughout the year for Mudders to participate in. My particular favorite are the Frosh-Soph games, in which the freshman and sophomore classes go head-to-head in a number of different athletic challenges to decide who is the superior class. My class, the Class of 2015, is the only class to have won as both freshman and sophomores. Here are some pictures of our glorious victories:

I am on the left with my arms in the air. We were the first freshman class to ever win!
Here’s the freshman and the sophomores from this year after our 3-2 win! I am front and center laying down along with Ryan, in ninja poses.

Lastly, Mudders do plenty of normal yet awesome stuff to celebrate the weekend. Plenty of Mudders love to head down to the beach, only about an hour away from campus. Going out to dinner in the nearby Village at Claremont or catching a movie is also a big one. Furthermore, there are tons of clubs who organize events, like the Stargazing Club, who are right now organizing a weekend trip to Joshua Tree National Park to go watch some stars and stuff!

In closing, despite all the stress we go through, we never forget how to have fun! Please read on for this week’s Mudder in the spotlight and Brian Cheney’s Pun of the Week!

This blog’s Mudder in the Crowd is Matt Espy, a sophomore engineering major from Summit, New Jersey. Matt also is on the CMS (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps) DIII track team. On the weekends he enjoys long walks on the beach and driving his ’69 Mustang (only the latter of those two things is true, although he is willing to give long walks on the beach a try).

Matt, why did you decide to be an engineering major?

“Before I came to Mudd, I wanted to build things and design rockets, and being an engineer gives me the best way to do that. I was tempted by physics, and even by CS [computer science], but I held fast.”

What’s the best part about being a student-athlete? What is the worst?

“The best part is getting to know people at the other campuses; getting to go down and hang out at CMC [Claremont Mckenna College] is always fun. The worst part is falling asleep from time to time while doing homework or sitting in class because I’m tired.”

I happened to capture Matt and my friend Zach falling asleep in the end of physics lecture one morning. Don’t worry though, they’re both great students!

What is your greatest fear?

“I hate spiders. It’s like anything that doesn’t have 8 legs, I can handle. If it has 7, I can handle, but 8, I’ll freak out.”

Now, here’s Brian Cheney’s Pun of the Week:

“Bored? Try learning sign language. It’s pretty handy.”

Thanks for reading!