Mudd Unveiled: Discovery Day

Monday, July 1, 2013 by Angela Medina

Hello everyone,

For starters, my name is Angela and I am a rising senior, engineering major. This is my first of many blogs to come during the summer. James had a blog that sort of described me in a nutshell. You will get to know me better with more blogs I post.

I have recently finished summer school on the Pitzer College campus. My summer school class, 2012: Prophesy, Apocalypse, was mostly filled with Mudders who on top of summer classes were doing summer research. For our last class we were invited to our professor’s house for dinner. Professor Dyson, an HMC HSA professor, wanted to cook for all of us some yummy Indian food. At Professor Dyson’s house we all quickly bonded with her cat, Jack. He was sitting on my lap most of the evening. He is so cute.


I have been in summer school for these past six weeks. As well as attending summer class twice a week in the evening, I have been interviewing prospective students who want to apply to HMC, giving tours of the campus, and working on a mobile iPhone app with James and Kaitlyn. Well enough about me for now, I will tell you all about what special event happened today on campus…


It was a beautiful day today on HMC’s campus with much excitement as we had about 300 people visit for Discovery Day. Many prospective students were able to learn more about research and academics as well as talk with students and professors. Everyone visiting also got a tour from all of our lovely tour guides on campus.



Here is a photo of the beautiful Hixon Courtyard. As you can see there are a lot of people surrounding the area enjoying refreshments.

I had a blast talking to many students and parents. Since it is the summer session, our dinning hall has been closed for most of the summer. Today the dinning hall doors were opened as visitors were able to taste some of our delicious meals on campus and share conversations over lunch with HMC students, professors, and counselors from the Office of Admission.


Here is a photo of Galileo Hall. Prospective students and parents are listening to a presentation to learn more about HMC.

Today went smoothly as planned and I think visitors got a great sense of what Mudd is all about. I think everyone had a great experience during their visit and I hope they enjoyed talking with the HMC community.