UPDATE: The Move is Finally Upon Us!

Friday, July 12, 2013 by Jamilla

UPDATE (7/16/13): Behold new office photos!

Well, we just moved in yesterday and we’re all pretty much unpacked already! :)

New and improved Admission and Financial Aid Lobby!
New and improved Admission and Financial Aid Lobby!









Thyra's New Office
Thyra’s New Office









Financial Aid Workspace
Financial Aid Workspace









Huge, new conference room!
Huge, new conference room!










Anyone who has spent any time on campus (or has been tracking our blogs) knows that we are opening a brand-new academic building on our campus. Because the background on the building has been covered extensively, as well as our experiences getting to tour the new structure while it was being built, I won’t recap everything, but I do want to announce…..WE’RE MOVING!!!  :)

If anyone has been on campus over the past few weeks (and specifically in the Office of Admission), they would have noticed that our office has been cluttered with giant yellow bins as we’ve been packing up in anticipation for our big move this weekend!  That’s right, we will all leave our offices in Kingston Hall on Friday at 4:30pm and when we arrive to campus on Monday, all of our bins, computers, printers, etc. will have magically been moved across the “street” into our new offices. Well, kinda.

Our Amazing Moving Team!
Our Amazing Moving Team!

We’re surprisingly a bit ahead of schedule, and so they’ve already begun moving us already. Seriously, when I walked in the door at 8:34 yesterday morning (I was a tad late), our amazing construction team had already begun moving the financial aid office bins and by 9:30 had finished moving everything into the R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning (we might need to come up with a nickname for that…any ideas?).

The Offices of Admission and Financial Aid have been packing for weeks and some of us have been more efficient in their packing than others:

Jason's Efficiently Packing
Jason’s Efficiently Packing
Raissa's Office at 9:30am :)
Raissa’s Office at 9:30am yesterday morning :)








We’re sad about leaving the building that’s housed us for the past 50+ years, however we’re excited about the new adventures the Teaching and Learning Building will hold for us and for the entire HMC Community! Stay tuned next week for updated for updated pics of our new digs! Special thanks to HMC Sr. Project Manager Tony Salcido and the amazing architectural, construction and moving staff who have worked tirelessly on our getting our new building ready for us for the past two years :)

Main Office All Packed Up
Main Office All Packed Up! You can’t even see James behind all those boxes.
Hard at work moving Thyra's office...
Hard at work moving Thyra’s office…
Talk about a deserted office!
There he is! Talk about a deserted office.