Freshmen Orientation 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013 by Angela Medina

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow is freshmen orientation on campus. Sponsors for freshmen orientation arrived earlier this week to prepare for the big weekend. We are always excited to have the incoming class on campus. This year the freshmen orientation head coordinators created a Dr. Seuss theme for the Class of 2017. Oh the places we will go…is the theme for this years sponsors and anyone who was on campus yesterday could spot a sponsor because they were all wearing the Cat and the Hat red and white striped, tall hat. The freshmen have a lot of orientation events that will help them meet other students in their class.


On top of all the festivities, yesterday was the day of roster signing. Any student admitted to HMC has to sign their full name in the book on their first day of orientation. Students do not count as part of the HMC community until they sign their names in the book. This year as in previous years, Galileo Hall was used for this special event for the freshmen. Each individual is called to the front of the lecture hall. They all are handed a fancy pen with a feather attached and while in front of everyone in the hall watching them, they sign the book.

Here is a photo of the roster signing event held yesterday:



The freshmen have more activities planned for them as they continue to become familiar with the campus, students, and faculty members. The rest of the student body who is not involved with orientation or is a mentor or proctor this upcoming year, will return to campus this Sunday, September 1st when the residential halls open for the start of the new school year. I am really excited for this next semester, and I am looking forward to starting classes.