Summer fun and visits to the HMC campus

Monday, August 19, 2013 by Angela Medina

Hello everyone,

We have had a lot of visitors at HMC this summer. We are currently in our last 2 weeks before the start of the Fall semester of the new academic year. I’m really excited to be able to take courses in the new academic building. We have been working in the relocated office space in the new building for the Office of Admission these past few weeks. I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to be able to meet and talk with families who have been able to visit and learn more about HMC. It has been busy these past few weeks, but the crowds have dwindled down because prospective students are also starting school.

Along with working in the Office of Admission this summer, I have been able to enjoy my weekends and week nights hanging out with my coworkers Kaitlin and James. Another fun fact about me is that I am a thrill seeker and really enjoy riding roller coasters. James and I were able to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain and ride the new roller coaster, Full Throttle. I definitely recommend that roller coaster for anyone who wants a thrill.

Here is a clip of the new ride:


Kaitlin and I went to a concert in Hollywood on the day of my birthday. It was a real cool venue and I really enjoyed listening to the bands. These bands were on tour with Alex Goot and Sam Tsui. The groups are famous Youtube bands and performers.

Here is a picture of the venue at the Roxy in Hollywood.


Although this summer is coming to an end, I have really enjoyed working for the Office of Admission and being able to hang out this summer with my coworkers. I am really looking forward to my senior year at HMC.