Chasing the Sun with a Mt. Baldy ‘nd Malibu Day Trip

Saturday, October 19, 2013 by Maury Quijada

Koren Wetmore, the videographer for Harvey Mudd College, once told me–on my Fall FAST visit as a pre-frosh–that Mudd’s location offered simple access to three different climates–sunny beaches, mountainous forests, and sandy deserts–all within a three hour’s drive. I remember the enthralled, almost disbelieving, look on my face as I heard her talk about this. And two years later, I’ve tasted this (almost complete) diversity in climate for myself.

Two Sundays ago, my friends and I decided to take out a Zipcar for the entire day and journey around the surrounding natural area.

Mount Baldy

We set out toward Mount Baldy (the mountains about an hour north of Mudd) at 5:30am in search of a sunrise view from the East. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck finding a good vantage point, so we settled for watching the sunrise near the ski lifts.

Western Skyline on Mt. Baldy
A blurry (yet more beautiful in person) view of the skyline to the west of Mt. Baldy.
Ski Lift on Mt. Baldy
A ground view of the ski lifts on Mt. Baldy. Unfortunately, we were two hours too early to take advantage of them (they opened up at 8am).
Unfortunately, we didn't get a clear view of the sunrise. But the colors across the sky were good enough to marvel at.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get a clear view of the sunrise. But the colors across the sky because of it were good enough to marvel at.



Having been underwhelmed by our visit to Mt. Baldy (we were there for a total of 45 minutes, which explains the dearth of pictures), we then decided to go to Malibu, spend the day there, and stick around for the sunset. Our day consisted of admiring the beautiful, extremely expensive cars in Malibu, lounging on the beach and procrastinating on homework (which we finished that night), and walking around enjoying the epic union of sunlight, temperature, and soothing breeze. And finally, at the end of the day we met our goal and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Pacific Ocean waves lapping against rocks on Point Dume Beach in Malibu
Six hours later, we ended up on Point Dume beach in Malibu and found some beautiful vistas of the ocean atop these rocks.
Sunset in Malibu
A fleeting view of the sun as we trekked up the bluffs on Point Dume Beach. Though the sun certainly washed out the upper half of the image, it did bring out some amazing colors in the foliage below.
View of the shore from the bluffs
We began the trek up some bluffs on Point Dume Beach and saw this beautiful view of water, earth, and foliage



Sunset in Malibu
The sun is almost set! :(.
After sunset in Malibu
We saw remnants of the sun splash beautiful shades of red across the clouds that remained.
Wriggling Sun Under Wind
After sunset, before heading back home, we noticed this sight of a tree wriggling under the beach breeze. The tree and its backgrounded reminded me of a tempest scene that I might see in a movie.

All in all, I had a blast with my friends, and the trek around the Greater Los Angeles area was something quite unlike what I’ve done before. Finally, I’ve seen why Koren praised Mudd’s location so highly, and I can’t wait until my next adventure.

The three bold adventurers!
The three bold adventurers!

Maury Quijada