Meet Our Senior Interns 13-14

Sunday, October 6, 2013 by Raissa

Our senior interns are some of Mudd’s most awesome people.  If you come to campus to interview, you’ll likely meet them. During the interview, we aim to get to know you but below is a little snippet about our senior interns.

Senior Intern 13-14

Some Muddspeak: Senior Thesis = capstone project involving high level original independent research, Clinic = collaborative team projects for industry or national agency sponsors, HSA = Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts, 5C = Five Undergraduate Claremont Colleges (Pomona College, Scripps College, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College), SHMC = acronym used to shorten Students of Harvey Mudd College, AE = Academic Excellence Program, Proctor = similar to a resident assistant or RA but different.


Victoria FeudoVictoria2

Hometown: Parma, OH
High School: Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
Major: Engineering
HSA Concentration: Sociology
Clinic Project: Develop Sustainable Design Solutions for Household Water Purification
HMC or 5C Activities: Captain of the Claremont Colleges’ Womens rugby team, Sailing Club
Favorite Interview Question: What is something you’ve done that you’re proud of?
Why Mudd: I just feel like I’m at home here. The vibe is different from any other place I’ve been; it is an environment which challenges me and still helps me to succeed, even if it’s in little ways. It’s all possible because of my peers, our professors, and the people that make this campus Harvey Mudd College.
Desired Superpower: Flying


Sam2Sam Gutekunst

Hometown: Weston, CT
High School: Weston High School
Major: Math
HSA Concentration: History
Senior Thesis: Operations Research applied to Homeland Security
HMC or 5C Activities: Honor Board Chair, East Dorm Mentor, Math AE tutor, and proud member of BaconSHMC
Favorite Interview Question: Design the course that you’d be most interested in taking. What would you learn and how would you learn that?
Why Mudd: It’s the people: everyone here is brilliant, friendly, passionate, a person of integrity, and knows how to have fun. It creates a community like nothing else.
Desired Superpower: Teleportation (I’m imagining eating lunch in Italy, having tea in London, then watching the sun set on a Caribbean beach)


Anastasia2Anastasia Patterson

Hometown: San Pedro, CA
High School:  California Academy of Math and Science
Major: Chemistry
HSA Concentration: Spanish
Senior Thesis: Zinc-Oxide Nanorod and Nanotube Photoanodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
HMC or 5C Activities: Chem AE tutor, Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company
Favorite Interview Question: There’s going to be a movie made about your life: describe the climactic turning point.
Why Mudd:  Mudd is a true community of amazing, passionate people. There is such a huge variety of interests represented here (from rocketry to music to knitting), but everyone loves to learn and will do anything to help each other reach their goals.
Desired Superpower: Not needing to sleep!


Emily2Emily Ross

Hometown: San Jose, CA
High School: Abraham Lincoln High School
Major: Engineering
HSA Concentration: Music
Clinic Project: Using Mobile Phones to Build a Gel/Blot Imager/Electrophoresis Device, sponsored by Bio-Rad Laboratories
HMC or 5C Activities: Vice President of the Claremont Shades, DOS Muchacho
Why Mudd: Mudd’s culture is very tolerant and nonjudgemental, which means that everyone can comfortably be themselves. Mudd is also collaborative, rather than competative — students work together against the material, instead of against each other.


Jennifer2Jennifer Sharma

Hometown: West Windsor, NJ
High School: West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
Major: Physics
HSA Concentration: Literature
Senior Thesis: Magneto-transport properties of Co-Ir synthetic ferrimagnets with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
HMC or 5C Activities: Atwood Dorm President, Linde Activities Center Supervisor, Baking Club
Favorite Interview Question: What color best describes you and why?
Why Mudd: The people here are amazing – students, faculty, staff, and members of the administration! HMC is unique in the way it combines fun, hard work, and a strong community.
Desired Superpower: Being able to heal people!


Katie2Katie Shepherd

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
High School: Rancho Cucamonga High School
Major: Engineering
HSA Concentration: Music
Clinic Project: Novel Cell Delivery for Brain Tumor Therapy, sponsored by City of Hope Medical Center
HMC or 5C Activities: Atwood Dorm Proctor, DOS Muchacho, Pomona Orchestra
Favorite Interview Question: If you had a free day to do anything at all, what would do and why?
Why Mudd: I heard the song of my people when I visited Harvey Mudd – a song consisting of amazing academic opportunities and an unbeatable social experience. And it’s just so much fun.
Desired Superpower: To be able to bestow appropriate powers unto others!


Chris2Chris Zazueta

Hometown: Nuevo, CA
High School: Heritage High School
Major: Joint Chemistry-Biology
HSA Concentration: Psychology
Senior Thesis: Measuring in vitro tRNase Z Processing of Therapeutic tRNA-shRNA Chimeras
HMC or 5C Activities: Society of Professional Latinos in STEMS, Claremont Caballero, Pomona Valley Medical Center Volunteer
Favorite Interview Question: What’s one thing you would change about yourself and why?
Why Mudd: The students, faculty and staff are all rooting for one another to succeed! The community is tight-knit and interests extend beyond math, science, and the humanities.
Desired Superpower: To be able to teleport!


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