5C Focus: Honnold-Mudd Library

Thursday, November 14, 2013 by Emma

Today, we will try to break out of the “Mudd bubble,” as it is affectionately known, and venture into the depths of the other campuses. As you may or may not know, HMC is part of a consortium of five colleges, all of which are right next to one another. Since each of the colleges have about a thousand students (with an error margin of a few hundred), the area covered by the campuses is more than enough for everyone to fit comfortably. The colleges all have their own dining halls, dorms, and academic buildings, but some things are shared between all of the schools. The Honnold-Mudd library is an example of something that everyone shares. Though many Mudders prefer to stay and work on campus, the library is just across Scripps campus from Mudd.

Conveniently, the library is also right across the street from the Huntley Bookstore, where textbooks, school supplies, books, snacks, and college-branded everything are available for purchase. The library is also close to the Student Health Services building and the Campus Safety offices, both of which are services shared among the five colleges.

The library itself is comprised of two huge, beautiful buildings connected to one another. It’s a perfect place in which to get lost amongst the bookshelves. I am the type of person who enjoys finding a quiet, secluded spot to work with no one around, so the library is a perfect place for me to go and study if work gets really overwhelming.

The Mudd half of Honnold-Mudd (even though it isn’t actually on Mudd campus)

The three-floor bridge that divides the two parts of the library
Some of the bookshelves on the bottom floor. Many people hang out around here to do work with friends
The cafe within the library, which comes in handy during a late-night study session!
This is taken about halfway up the staircase in the stacks. There are so many floors of beautiful books!
Old books in the stacks :)
You can even check books out. It’s almost as if it’s a library or something!  
The library entrance on a beautiful afternoon!
Until next time!