Four Ways to Relax at HMC

Friday, November 1, 2013 by Emilia Reed

Harvey Mudd is well known for its hard work load and it can be tough, but students here always find a way to have fun in between homework assignments. Some people skateboard and freeline ,while others build robots that destroy minifridges.



Plenty of people go swimming at Scripps College’s pool (it’s still 80˚F here!) then spend the next few hours playing boardgames with friends. Some of my favorite pastimes include playing video games in the LAC, teaching myself to slackline, watching movies in Galileo, and hanging out in the village on weekends.

Like Travis says in his post “The LAC is Where It’s At”, the Linde Activities Center is an awesome place to hang out. It’s staffed by students and has a pool table, Xbox, and massage chairs available if you don’t want to work out. Recently I’ve been spending my time there playing video games with my friends. Whether it’s Call of Duty or FIFA, everyone’s having fun and it’s a great way to relieve any stress you may have.


A new addition this year is a slackline between two trees just outside the LAC. Put up by a freshman during orientation, it’s common to walk by and see students or passerby trying to balance and walk across it. A friend of mine has made it his goal to be able to cross the slackline by the end of the semester. I like to just go out on a nice day and practice. Last week I even met a nice guy from one of the other Claremont Colleges who was curious about it, and I managed to get almost halfway across!


Me (Emi Reed ’17) balancing before going across


Senghor Joseph '17 practicing his flying technique
Senghor Joseph ’17 practicing his flying technique


More flying :)
More flying :)


Tyler Smallwood '17 showing off his balancing skills
Tyler Smallwood ’17 showing off his balancing skills


On Friday nights I often find myself in Galileo watching a movie with my friends. For those of you who don’t know, Galileo is the older lecture hall underground between the Jacobs and Parsons buildings. Because of the Honor Code all Harvey Mudd students sign, the college trusts us and the hall is always open to students (if it’s not being used already). Tonight some friends and I are planning on watching scary movies!


On the weekends, it’s a great break to walk into the village. Downtown Claremont is only a thirty minute walk from campus and has restaurants, vintage clothing stores, a comic book store, and many other places to go. On Sunday mornings there’s a Farmer’s Market with local produce and art available. Going to the village is a great way to get off Harvey Mudd campus if you don’t have access to a car.


Having fun at the Farmer's Market
Having fun at the Farmer’s Market


Though this list doesn’t cover everything, these are some of my favorite ways to relax and take my mind off of homework, all while staying within walking distance of campus!