Countdown to Winter Break!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 by Emma

It has finally arrived. That immense obstacle lying between all Mudders and the glorious freedom of Winter Break. That’s right, it’s finals week here at Mudd. The campus has become somewhat deserted as students huddle in dorm rooms and empty classrooms, furiously studying, writing papers, and taking tests. Whenever people tend to congregate (generally at meals), the air is filled with dozens of sleep-deprived voices saying things like: “I only have X papers, Y presentations, and Z finals. Then I’m done!”

In the last week of classes, my Discrete Math prof decided to draw a dolphin at the end of our proof. Everyone was ready to be done with classes…

Finals week anywhere is always tough to get through. At Mudd, the students do their best to encourage one another. The school has campus-wide quiet hours from noon on Sunday to late Friday night. One great thing about the honor code at Mudd is that some classes give out take-home finals, to be completed within a time limit and turned in before a set date. Thus, if you think best at 4AM, that sounds like a perfect time for a math final. Since anyone could conceivably be taking a final at any given time, the quiet hours go on for the entire week.

In order to help alleviate some of the stress on Mudders during the week, the Dean of Students (DoS) office holds “noisy minutes” during finals week. Every day, from 8:45PM until 9PM, students flood the quad to be as loud and crazy as possible. Events this week have included a giant pillow fight and drum circle, an inflatable obstacle course, and puppies (though we weren’t too loud around the puppies). It’s great for stress relief, and it helps to get people out of their rooms to have fun with friends for a few minutes.

The best way to celebrate finals week
There’s plenty of time to be social and have an impromptu dance party during noisy minutes!

It’s crazy to think that there’s only a week until Christmas! It feels as though we just started December, but time flies when you’re having fun at Mudd. My past few weeks have been hectic, but I’ve made sure to make time for fun. My friends and I have gotten our holiday fix by doing things like going Claremont, which is decorated for the holidays. We enjoy going out to dinner and seeing movies (like the midnight premiere of the Hobbit!) as a fun way to balance the intensity of school.

Found in Claremont: Christmas monkey
My friends and I got the entire theater to ourselves! Turns out no one wants to watch Frozen on Sunday night…

All in all, it feels great to be one final away from finishing my first semester of sophomore year! I’ve already learned so much since coming to Mudd, and (thankfully) my time here isn’t even halfway over. Now it’s time to go home to Seattle for a month of well-deserved relaxation.

With a week to go until Christmas, it was 80 degrees here yesterday. I’m still in shock!

Happy Holidays!