Class of 2018

Message from the Vice President


We’re delighted to welcome you to Harvey Mudd College’s Class of 2018. We faced our most competitive selection process ever this year, and you rose to the top. Our staff has truly enjoyed getting to know you over the past few months on paper and in person, and we eagerly await your decision to enroll.

As you might guess, we think you’d be a wonderful match for Harvey Mudd College, but you probably want more than just our word for it before you make your final decision. We’d love for you to join our Admitted Student Program (ASP) on April 13th & 14th.

You’ll get a chance to meet your future classmates and current Mudders as well as our impressive (and impressively friendly) faculty. In the meantime, introduce yourself to your fellow admitted students via our online chats or HMC Class of 2018 Facebook page. If you’d like to see us in person, but are unable to attend ASP, call us and we’ll arrange an alternate time for you to visit.

HMC is an extraordinary place where students and faculty live in an atmosphere of trust. The academic program is rigorous and surprisingly diverse, fun occurs on a regularly scheduled basis, and undergraduate research is embraced (heck, it’s required). We believe you will be a tremendous asset to this community and we invite you to join us. Again, congratulations on your admission.

Best wishes,

Thyra Briggs

Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid

Dates & Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

  • February 20: Early Decision Online Web Chat (5:30 PM PST)
  • April 1: Admitted Student Chat (5:30PM PST)
  • April 4: Admitted Student Program RSVP deadline
  • April 13-14: Admitted Student Program
  • April 17: Admitted Parent/Family Chat (Recording Available)
  • April 24: Admitted Student Chat: Final Questions (5:30PM PST)
  • May 1: Commitment deposit due
  • July 1: Final high school grades due

Who are the Class of 2018?

Total: 510

  • Male: 51%
  • Female: 49%
  • Percent admitted: 13%


  • Asian/Asian American: 30%
  • Black/African American: 5%
  • Latino: 14%
  • Native American/Native Hawaiian: 1%
  • White/Caucasian: 33%
  • Multiethnic*: 9%
  • Unknown: 9%

*Of students identifying as multiethnic (represented in more than one category below):

  • Asian/Asian American: 23%
  • Black/African American: 9%
  • Latino: 25%
  • Native American/Native Hawaiian: 5%
  • White/Caucasian: 38%

Geographic Distribution

  • California: 38%
  • West (excluding CA): 6%
  • Northwest: 9%
  • Southwest: 7%
  • Midwest: 6%
  • Northeast: 17%
  • South: 8%
  • International: 9%

39 states represented and U.S. Territories

Most represented: California, Washington, Texas, Massachusetts, Oregon, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, New York

25 countries and territories

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates

Standardized Tests (Middle 50%)

  • SAT Critical Reading: 710-790
  • SAT Math: 740-800
  • SAT Writing: 700-780
  • SAT Math II: 770-800
  • ACT Composite: 33-35

High School Information

  • Valedictorian or Salutatorian*: 46%
  • Top 10 Percent**: 93%
  • Public school: 63%
  • Private school: 36%
  • Home school: 1%

*For students provided an exact rank
**For students provided percentile rank