Eligibility Requirements

Below is a baseline of  courses you’ll want to pursue before becoming a Mudder. If your school offers honors, AP or IB courses, take them–especially in math, science and English.

We’re a community of people who like to be challenged, so the more you’ve challenged yourself in high school, the more you look like a future Mudder.


At least one yearlong high school chemistry course and a yearlong high school physics course are required—or a semester-long college course in each discipline (chemistry and physics) can suffice. If you can’t complete one of these courses before high school graduation, you still may be admitted to HMC provisionally, but you’ll have to earn an “A” or “B” in a college-level summer course before you join us.


At least one yearlong high school course in calculus is required. Otherwise,  you must take a semester-long college course.


Four years. We expect all applicants to be good writers and speakers who know their way around an adverb.

Foreign Language

Two years recommended. Given the opportunities for study abroad at HMC, it’s a great idea to develop your language skills.

Social Science

At least two years, but three is better, including at least one year of history.