Survey Says…

“The FAST program changed my perceptions about Harvey Mudd completely. I did not know much about Harvey Mudd, just about certain aspects described on its website. Actually having the chance to visit the college would have been nearly impossible due to my financial situation, so I saw, and still see, the FAST program as a blessing.”

“The Fall FAST program made me 100% more excited to apply to Harvey Mudd this fall.”

“My host and I were very similar in extra curricular interests, and she was really friendly. It made the experience a lot more enjoyable, and I learned a lot about Harvey Mudd from someone who cares about the same things.”

“I really enjoyed staying with current students and interacting closely with them as well as the staff. It gave me a good insight into what makes HMC so unique (which is what I have always heard about it). The whole program was very energetic and interactive which made me have a lot of fun.”

“The other prospective students I met at the FAST program also helped to make it a wonderful experience!”

“The Materials Engineering Workshop was also a lot of fun.”

“I liked the fact that students can participate in clinic and work to solve real world problems. The program was really enjoyable and I got the chance to meet other teens who share my similar interests.”

“As delicious as the food was, it comes in at a close second. What I enjoyed most about the FAST program was the hospitality and kindness given by the Harvey Mudd faculty, staff, and students. Thank you again for your kindness.”

“The class visits were great because it really helped me to understand the classroom dynamic and to see how students interacted with their professors.”

“I really liked going to classes, touring labs, and then staying in the dorms. The cumulative experience really changed my opinions about Harvey Mudd and I’m very excited to start my fall application.”

“The program helped me understand the Harvey Mudd environment and what kind of students Mudd is looking for.”

“The small size of the group made everything feel more personal.”

“I really got a sense of what college students at Mudd are like, and just life in general. I got a taste of everything from classes to the meals and staying in dorms with college students. It was nice because I had the opportunity to talk and connect with both students and faculty, and see what Mudd is all about. I had visited the campus twice before I came to FAST, but it wasn’t until I came to FAST that I really knew Harvey Mudd.”