In the midst of dinner, Joe gave a start — his pager had gone off

My name is Andy Kaye, BS/Math, class of 1969.  I have many terrific memories of Joe (& Jean) — folks songs and wooden puzzles in his living room, swimming during lunch hour, and so on – but the one I would like to share is:

After Joe had retired as President and was back to teaching, I was coming on campus to do recruiting for the company I worked for in Santa Barbara, and I invited Joe and Jean to join my wife and me for dinner at the Indian Hill restaurant.  In the midst of dinner, Joe gave a start — his pager had gone off — this was in the days before cell phones.  He excused himself, made a call, came back to the table, and said, “I’ll be back in time for dessert.”  Then he left.  When he came back a while later, he was shaking his head and chuckling — as he so often did.  One of his freshman had gotten stuck while doing a make-up lab, and since Joe had given his students his pager number and his permission to call him, the student had called — and, of course, Joe had responded.  He — retired Founding President of Harvey Mudd College, and widely-respected physicist – had gotten up from his dinner with us to help a freshman who was stuck while doing a make-up lab.  That’s the Joe Platt that I remember.

Andrew M. Kaye '69
Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton, currently supporting the National Technical Means Roadmap project at the NRO