Joe and Jean jumped out of the pool and ran over to us soaking wet

I first met Joe Platt when he interviewed me for a position at HMC in April 1975. I knew the college was having some financial challenges so I asked him about the financial health of the college. After a pause, he said, “We are broke.” After another pause, he said, “But not any broker than we have ever been.” Joe was always honest, straightforward, and did it with a sense of humor.

I received an offer and accepted it. When we showed up in Claremont in September 1975, I took my wife and two young daughters who were one and three years old on a tour of the campus.  When we walked by the pool, Joe and Jean jumped out of the pool and ran over to us soaking wet. Joe said, ”It is a pleasure to welcome the Remers to Claremont.”  We had just joined the Mudd Family and have been a part of that wonderful family for 37 years.

At Joe’s 90th birthday party on campus, I walked up to say hello. He was talking to two other people. He immediately introduced me by telling them where I worked before I came to Mudd, where I got my degrees, and my field of research interest. Amazingly, at the age of 90, he still remembered significant details about me.

Donald S. Remer
Oliver C. Field Professor of Engineering Economics