He has been a model for what I hope to be as an educator

Joe Platt was an extraordinary man who made a vision a reality. He epitomized the combination of scientist and humanist that Harvey Mudd College sought to produce. His human qualities were exceptional, and he quite literally changed my life through his generosity and thoughtfulness. I would not be where I am today except for his willingness to stop and talk with me (characteristically getting off his bike to do so) when I was visiting the campus a year after graduation. I did not know where I was going next, and he suggested that since I had always been interested in science policy, I should become an intern at the National Science Foundation. A week later, through his intervention, I had an offer to go back to Washington DC to work at NSF. From that followed more work in Washington, graduate degrees at MIT, and a career in academia. He has been a model for what I hope to be as an educator, and I cannot even begin to thank him and Jean Platt for what they did for me, for Harvey Mudd College, and for science education in the United States and the World. I am deeply saddened by his passing. He was a truly great man.

Henry E. Brady '69
Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy at University of California, Berkeley