I was so caught up in the direction Joe was taking the college

When I was first offered a board seat at HMC, I said to myself “I need a new fund raising chore like I need a hole in the head” – and then I met Joe. Within a nanosecond, I knew I was with a special person with whom I wanted to work and learn. His recognition that engineers were introverts who needed help in communicating and mixing with others, and his belief in “learning while doing” was so in line with my personal experience. My fears dissolved and were replaced with the idea of learning from this man. So, I jumped at the chance. But I couldn’t shake my desire to avoid another fund raising job, so I said to Henry and Joe that I would love it – provided they would give me a five year moratorium on fund raising and allow me to be on committees to promote the ideas Joe had enunciated. Joe immediately chimed in “OK and we’ll put you on the education committee.” Henry backed Joe, and so began a more the 30 year’s journey on the board. Within a year, I was out fund raising of my own volition because I was so caught up in the direction Joe was taking the college. I wouldn’t change a moment of it all!

Hubie Clark
Former chairman of the board at Harvey Mudd College